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Tirupathur district is a district of Tamil Nadu, India, formed by trifuricating the Vellore district. The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced its proposal on August 15, 2019, together with Ranipet district. However it was officially declared on November 28, 2019 by Chief Minister. The town of Tirupathur would serve as the district headquarters.

Tirupathur District consists of two Revenue Divisions, Tirupathur and Vaniyambadi, Four Taluks., Tirupathur, Natrampalli, Vaniyambadi, and Ambur, Fifteen Revenue Firkas, Tirupathur, Andiyappanur, Koratti, Kandili, Jolarpet, Pudurnadu, Natrampalli, Ammanankoil, Vaniyambadi, Ambalur, Alangayam,Ambur, Madhanur, Thuthipattu, and Melsanankuppam., comprising of 195 Revenue Villages. The District has Six blocks, Tirupathur, Natrampalli, Kandhili, Jolarpet, Alangayam, and Madhanur, comprising of 208 Village Panchayats. There are four Municipalities,  Tirupathur, Jolarpet, Vaniyambadi, and Ambur and Three Town Panchayats Alangayam, Natrampalli, and Udayendiram.

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கே.தர்பகராஜ், இ.ஆ.ப.,
Thiru. K. Tharpagaraj, I.A.S., District Collector

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