Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme


Tamilnadu is the Pioneer State for implementing the massive programme of providing Nutritious Midday Meal to lakh and lakh of school children. The Former Hon’ble Chief Minister Puratchi Thalaivar MGR has launched this scheme in Trichy District Pappakurichi Village on 01.07.1982. The scheme was implemented in entire rural areas on 01.07.1982 and it was extended in urban areas also from 15.09.1982. This scheme is being implemented successfully till date.

The main objective of the programme

  1. To provide adequate nutrition to economically disadvantaged children.
  2. To combat malnutrition among the children and to increase their literacy rate.
  3. To act as a potent incentive for increasing the enrollment and reducing dropouts from schools.

The Department which implemented the programme since its inception in July 1982

S.No Department Name Implemented
1. Education Department From 1982 to May 1990
2. Rural Development Department From June 1990 to September 1992
3. Social Welfare Department From October 1992 to September 1997
4. Rural Development Department From October 1997 to 19th July 2006
5. Social Welfare Department From 20th July 2006 to till date (Rural) From 23rd August 2007 to till date (Urban)

The scheme was implemented in through out Tamilnadu in all Government Schools, Local Body Schools, Government Aided Schools, ADW Schools and NCLP Schools. The allocation of funds to the scheme is given by the State and Central Government.

Sl.No Detail No.of Centre 1-5 Children 6-8 Children 9-10 Children Total
1. Elementary Schools 1141 94763 0 0 94763
2. Middle schools 415 42059 35212 0 77271
3. High Schools 361 0 18596 17632 36228
4. Hr.Sec. School 186 0 6068 8802 14870
5. ADW Schools 97 5108 2035 953 8096
6. Minority (Muslim & Christian) 177 10852 8952 9726 29530
7. NCLP 39 0 815 0 815
  Total Centres & Beneficiaries 2416 152782 71678 37113 261573


Name of the Block / corporation / Municipalities No. of Noon Meal Centers No. of School Enrollment No. of Beneficiaries
Panchayat Union 2257 321981 251103
Corporation / Municipalities 120 11986 10470
NCLP 39 815 815
Total 2416 334782 262388

The State Government has allotted fund for Cooking cost, Modernization of Kitchen, New Kitchen Shed and Kitchen Devices. The Central Assistance of MME component in National Scheme was granted the provision of devices, infrastructure facilities, IEC activities in School Nutritious meal Centres and also provide fund for training to Noonmeal Organisor, Cook & Cook Assistants.

The Government has also fixed target to the District Officers to conduct inspections to ensure the proper implementation of the Scheme. The Scheme is also monitored by the Village Level Education Committee, PTA, PLF, and Steering and Monitoring Committee, Block Level Committee and Village Level Committee was formed for the Midday meal Scheme.

To improve the Nutritious meal Programme the PTMGR Scheme the following variety rice and masala Eggs are supplied.

Types of Variety Meals

First Week and Third Week Menu:

Day Variety Rice and Masala Eggs
Monday Vegetable Briyani + Pepper Egg
Tuesday Black gram Pulav + Tomato Masala Egg.
Wednesday Tomato Rice + Pepper Egg
Thursday Rice + Sambar + Boiled Egg
Friday Curry Leaf Rice/Keerai Sadham + Masala Egg & Chilly Fried Potato.


Second week and Fourth Week menu:

Day Variety Rice and Masala Egg.
Monday Sambar Sadham (Bisibalabath) + Onion Tomato Masala Egg.
Tuesday Mixed Meal Maker & Vegetables Rice + Pepper Egg
Wednesday Tamarind Rice + Tomato Masala Egg
Thursday Lemon Rice + Sundal + Tomato Egg
Friday Rice + Sambar + Boiled Egg and Fried Potato.
  1. Vegetables, Drumstick trees, Curry leaf Trees and Keerai Varieties has been planted in the School premises.
  2. Gas Connection has been given to modernize the Noon Meal Centres.
  3. Mixies & Grinder has been supplied to the Noonmeal Centres for preparing cooking powders.
  4. By serving new variety meals and Masala Eggs the strength of the school going children is increased and also the wastages of is avoided.

As per Go.No 101 Social Welfare & NMP Department Dt. 20.6.2007 Iodine Salt is supplied.

Sweet Pongal is issued on the following days.


Sweet Pongal Issued Day Birthday
2001 From Till Date Arignar Anna Birthday on September 15th
2001 From Till Date Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Birthday on July 15th
2001 From Till Date Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R Birthday on January 17th